Skoda Praha

Skoda Praha is owned by Czech electricity company CEZ, which is in turn nearly 70% owned by the Czech state. Skoda Praha is active in the engineering, procurement and construction of thermal and nuclear power plants. CEZ has had a relatively painful experience in the Western Balkans, having left Albania in 2013 after a failed privatisation of electricity distributor OSSH. The company also left Bosnia and Herzegovina after a lengthy dispute with the Republika Srpska entity in relation to the construction of the Gacko 2 lignite power plant. This makes it surprising that Skoda Praha is still willing to seek its fortune in the region, but nevertheless it is one of the shortlisted bidders for the Pljevlja II lignite plant in Montenegro.


As an EU-based company, Skoda Praha should act in accordance with EU legislation and the legislation of the host country.


Skoda Praha is the most pro-active of the companies listed here when it comes to public relations. In Montenegro it even went as far as offering free trips to the plant it refurbished in Tusmice in the Czech Republic. Therefore it is not so much a challenge of getting in touch with the company, but rather in ensuring that the public gains a balanced view of its activities.

Miloš Mostecký
Commercial Director
Duhová 2/1444,
140 74 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

Tel +420 224 396 111,
Fax +420 224 396 447


Pljevlja I
Pljevlja II, Montenegro
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