Edison/EDF Group

Edison S.p.A., not to be confused with the US’s Edison International, is part of Electricité de France (EDF Group) and is involved in the procurement, production and marketing of electric power, natural gas and crude oil. In 2012 it accounted for nearly 8 percent of Italy’s electricity production, mainly from gas thermal power plants, but also from some hydropower and new renewables facilities. Looking at the company’s website, there is hardly a mention of coal, but Edison has a concession for the development of the Kolubara B lignite power plant in Serbia and is one of the shortlisted bidders for the Plomin C coal plant in Croatia.


As an EU-based company, it can be argued that Edison should comply with EU and national legislation wherever it operates. Edison also has its own Environmental, Safety and Quality Policy, which commits to respect ‘current laws concerning quality, safety and the environment’, and also to optimise the resources used, adopting the best technologies available and promoting the use of renewable sources to minimise the environmental impact, particularly with regard to emissions of gases that are harmful to human health and the environment. The policy also commits to maintaining a dialogue with the authorities and the host communities and cooperating with public institutions, guaranteeing the utmost fairness and transparency in all exchanges and providing complete, reliable and clear information.



Edison has offices in several countries including Romania and Turkey. The contact details can be found here, however the list is not complete as for example the address of the Croatian office is not listed, so it is worth doing an internet search to see if there is an office in your country too.

 Do also get in touch with Re:Common in Italy (gfranchi@recommon.org) and Friends of the Earth France (malika.peyraut@amisdelaterre.org) to let them know you are contacting Edison/EDF.

For the headquarters, contact:

Mr. Bruno Lescoeur,
Chief Executive Officer,
Edison S.p.A.
Foro Buonaparte 31
20121 Milano

Fax +39 02 6222 7456

cc. Francesca Magliulo
Corporate Responsibility Manager
Email: francesca.magliulo@edison.it

Letters should also go to:

Mr Henri Proglio,
Chairman and CEO,
22/30 avenue Wagram
75 008 Paris


Protest action against Plomin C
Plomin C, Croatia
This unpopular 500 MW plant will stop Croatia contributing to the EU’s 2050 climate goals and since the coal used would be imported it will do nothing to decrease the country’s energy import dependence. Calculations by expert Enco Tireli also show that Plomin C would be economically unviable.
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