China Environmental Energy Holdings

Unlike most of the Chinese companies that have taken an interest in southeast Europe, CEE Holdings is active mostly outside of China, and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. It is a private company, said to be owned by its managing director, Billy Ngok, who is also known for having bought the Sergio Tacchini clothes label in 2008. It invests in all kinds of energy, from exploration and production of oil and gas, through the construction of power plants of all kinds, to hi-tech production for electricity storage and solar film. It explicitly lists southern Europe (eg. Italy and Serbia) as one of its main investment areas, and so far has taken interest in several projects. It was reported to be interested in Pljevlja II in Montenegro, but did not reach an advanced stage of the selection process, and in October 2011 was part of a consortium with Shenzhen Energy that signed a deal with Serbian electricity company Elektroprivreda Srbije for the construction of a new unit at the Nikola Tesla B3 lignite plant at Obrenovac. However the project remains at an early stage. It is also reported to be interested in a new coal plant project in Sardinia.


As a company registered in Hong Kong, CEE Holdings is subject to quite a different set of legislations than other Chinese companies, since Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It may therefore be best to concentrate on holding the company accountable to EU standards when it is operating in EU accession countries.


Although its website suggests it has a branch in Belgrade, so far we have not managed to locate it. CEE Holdings does however have an office in Italy:

CEE Holdings
Via Liberta 215
28043 Bellinzago Novarese,

Its main address in Hong Kong is:

33/F., Far East Finance Centre,
16 Harcourt Road, Admiralty
Hong Kong

While you are in the process of contacting companies that are involved in investment projects of your interest, you may wish to communicate to the Chamber of Commerce or bilateral/regional trade associations in your respective country to learn about the companies’ activities and locate the relevant point of contact.