China Ex-Im Bank

China Ex-Im Bank is another of the huge policy banks owned by the Chinese government and enables trade and investment for Chinese firms by providing export credits to Chinese firms, loans for overseas construction and investment projects, and low-interest loans to foreign governments. In the region so far the China ExIm bank has been involved in the rehabilitation of the existing lignite plant at Kostolac in Serbia and plans to be involved in ‘Phase 2’ of this project, which involves the construction of a new unit, B3, at the site. The bank has also been involved in the Bushat hydropower plant in Albania and expressed interest in numerous other projects, for example the controversial Moraca dam in Montenegro, the tender for which however ultimately resulted in no bids being submitted.


The China ExIm Bank has its own environmental guidelines. Unfortunately the document is not publicly available, nevertheless some information is known:

  • An environmental impact assessment is required before the project starts, for projects of all sizes
  • The project is reviewed by the bank
  • The project must comply with host country laws and regulations.
  • Public consultations must take place with affected communities.
  • Disbursement of the money is dependent on compliance and the bank can halt financing for non-compliant projects
  • Ex-post environmental assessment (ie. after the project is finished). This is particularly interesting as multilateral development banks do not request such an assessment.

The China ExIm Bank is also subject to the Chinese government’s Green Credit Directive, issued in 2012.


The China ExIm Bank does not have a public grievance mechanism and does not publish much information about its staff on its website. Therefore getting in touch is not easy: you need to send faxes and hard copies of letters.

For more information on the appropriate style to use when contacting Chinese banks and institutions, see here.

If you would like advice about contacting the banks contact CEE Bankwatch Network by email:

It is usually difficult to find out the relevant person to contact, so first look for some clues in the media coverage of the project or the particular office of the bank in question. For the Chinese headquarters, if you cannot find a specific person connected to the project or the region where the project is situated, write to the most senior people listed on the website.

You should not expect to receive an answer quickly, if at all. This can be discouraging, however do not underestimate the impact of receiving letters from local groups or affected people, which still happens relatively rarely to Chinese banks and state institutions.

Since the banks are overseen by various state institutions, if you don’t receive any response from the banks, you may consider writing to some of the Chinese state institutions. For more information, contact CEE Bankwatch Network (

The China ExIm Bank’s contact details are:

Address: No.30, Fu Xing Men Nei Street,
Xi Cheng District, Beijing 100031,
Tel: + 86 10 8357 9988
Fax: +86 10 6606 0636

It also has a branch in Paris, whose address is:

Representative ZHU Wen Gen (中國進出口銀行巴黎分行朱穩根行長)
The Export-Import Bank of China – Paris Representative Office
6, avenue Marceau
75008 Paris France
Tel: +33 (0)1 47238880
Fax:+33 (0)1 47230410


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